Originating from Nova Scotia, Canada, the wooden bears are the creation of The Woodcarver.

Each bear is completely unique, from the wood that it’s made of down to the expression it wears. Every bear is marked with its unique number (in order of birth) and the initials of The Woodcarver on the bottom of their foot.

It is our sincere wish that no matter where the bears travel to, they will have a warm, loving family to join. We hope that the comforting presence of these bears will bring you joy.

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Are the bears available for sale?

The shop is not currently open. There are plans to open the shop for select bears in late 2022, so please stay tuned for that!

What is ArtHut?

Art Hut is the quiet hut in the woods in which The Woodcarver lives. We hope that the art made under its roof can brighten your day.